SHANG THE HAI (Shanghai Anthem) | The Wonton Don

Donnie's ode to Shanghai. Man, this is entertaining and depressing on equal scales. Having been in Shanghai around the same time as Donnie (until he headed back to the States earlier this year) it's like bidding farewell to a friend, which is something we are all used to here. We ... Read more »

Tzusing - ISMS (TNXILS) MV

And here it is! Yep, it's a weird un... Listen to a track from the Shanghai-based producer’s forthcoming A Name Out of Place Pt.1 EP. The appearance of a new name on L.I.E.S. is always something to peak our interest, mainly because Ron Morelli’s ... Read more »

Black Taxi in China

This foreigner tries working as an illegal scooter taxi in Shanghai, China. ... Read more »


Remember when we used to film people playing music for your entertainment? Well, we found some long lost songs that were never published. So here you go - Courtyard Sessions B-Sides. First up: Soundscape. One hitch - the rest of the B-Sides are on a hard drive that is currently ... Read more »

Monkey Kings - Elevator Farts Prank

What happens when you eat to much KFC in China? You sh-t yourself in public of course! ... Read more »

Blak Twang & Conrank - Go Getter MV

The London MC teams up with the Shanghai-based producer for a rugged new track. Blak Twang and Conrank just released ‘Go Getter’, a take-no-prisoners grime track about life on the grind. The video's a slo-mo journey that sees the pair take the track from the studio to the club. Watch ... Read more »

Henry Krinkle - Stay (Justin Martin remix)

Estonian born Henry Krinkle was teaching in Shanghai when he began teaching himself to make music. Well travelled and experienced in sounds of the world, recognition has fast been rising for the now LA based producer. Nearly two years ago we were treated to a sonic delight in the form ... Read more »

Round Eye - Suntan (Official MV)

Top new MV from Round Eye! 'Suntan' lampoons China's fair skin love affair with an irreverent look at what happens when a girl comes home to her Shanghainese mother with tanned skin. Good opportunity to study some Chinese slang... ... Read more »

Kissing Prank in China

At a popular tourist spot in Shanghai, we ask passers by to "help take a photo of us kissing." How could that not be clear? Pranks Made In China. Like us on Facebook ... Read more »

AM444 - 'Détache toi' official MV release!

Kaiguan Culture and Labo -M- are very proud to announce the official release of the very much anticipated video of "Détache-toi" , which marks the beautiful outcome of the border breaking collaboration between AM444 (China) , Matthieu Chedid and director Mathieu Demy (France). DETACHE - TOI - AM444 & -M- from FDA ... Read more »

China Noise | Tom & Katie Live in Shanghai

So long Xiao Zhong! Here is a video of his last performance with Tom & Katie live in Yuyintang. Enjoy! (VPN users only I'm afraid!) ... Read more »

Fertility Clinic | MAHONEY MOMENTS

Donnie gets a gig as an operation manager for a Chinese fertility Clinic ... Read more »

Dead Body Prank in China ★ MONKEY KINGZ

From the guys who bring you Donnie Does. ... Read more »

Montana Gum Chewer Finds the Second Golden Ticket - Urban Aphrodite present: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Urban Aphrodite presents: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! May 1st and 2nd Shanghai Theatre Academy Tickets available at: ... Read more »

Helping Chinese Street Sweepers ★ MONKEY KINGZ 逗你玩

In this new prank from Monkey Kingz we see the reactions of locals as a laowai helps clean the streets of Shanghai. ... Read more »

The Trailer for the Next Donnie Does Episode

This is what Donnie Does next... ... Read more »

PULPinsights: Fake Alcohol in China

We all know it's out there, and most expats have endured the cruel morning after that doesn't seem justified after 4 or 5 drinks the night before. Fake alcohol is a big problem in China and not many people know a whole lot about it. We decided to seek out ... Read more »

China Toastmaster Champion Frank Gong | The Gathering with Butch Bradley

Butch chin wags with Frank Gong, China National Toastmasters champion. ... Read more »

Mahoney Moments | Planes

Donnie doesn't get to often fly in a real airplane. ... Read more »

Devan Firoozi (Raised in China) | The Gathering with Butch Bradley

Raised in China founder, Devan Firoozi talks to Butch about style, growing up in Shanghai and diapers. ... Read more »