247 Predicts - 2016

1. Disney is going to be spilling into yo' cracks It’s inside Uniqlo, Adidas and Vans. Disney on Ice, Disney themed food and drinks. It’s spilling out everywhere and it’s getting in to all the cracks, like when you drop a pint of double cream. And we ... Read more »

Monthly Mash - Promising new act furthers career with Shanghai cancellation

In an already meteoric rise to the top of the pop world’s esteem, up-and-coming ethereal folk-punk act Ceramic Sea Turtles have cancelled their upcoming Shanghai tour stop. “It really is an honour to be invited to a show in Shanghai, so that we could go on to cancel it, ... Read more »


Gwyneth Paltrow is the Queen B of classy, so you know her divorce was always going to be an showcase in sophistication. Drama? Ugh, so bourgeoisie. On the one year anniversary of their conscious uncoupling, Paltrow and her ex, Chris Martin, went on a friendly uncoupled vacation to Mexico, where ... Read more »


The Kids Choice Awards were held this past weekend, and it looks like celebrities have started to emerge from their post-awards-season hibernation. Hosted by Andy Dwyer aka Chris Pratt, the awards also saw Emma Stone and Ms. Maleficent herself in attendance. Angelina Jolie attended with daughters Zahara and Shiloh, and ... Read more »


Another week, another round of sweet, sweet gossip all up in your face, because celebrities continue to be stupid and wonderful in equal measure and we continue to be appauled and amused simultaniously. Let's begin with the fact that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively gave their child a name. Why ... Read more »


Running a cinema site has many perks, one being that we’ve made it our business to know what's going on in the lives of those who grace the silver screen. We’re Anna and Logan and we love all things celebrity. Clothes? Yep. Makeup. Uh-huh. Matters of the heart? ... Read more »


People are idiots and I hate them. For Christmas, my aunt got me tickets to see Ed Sheeran here in Shanghai. I was excited. I saw Ed four or five years ago in a small bar in Reading, England. He was fantastic, so to be seeing him again was something ... Read more »

What's on at the Cinema - January/February

It's cold outside. The air pollution sucks and the internet speed is so slow that trying to watch Netflix is as entertaining as an under 10's cricket match. Luckily for you, there are a whole load of cinemas around the city and January and Febuary are shaping up to be ... Read more »

Top Ten Books about China for the Shanghai Expat

Whether you’ve been in Shanghai for 5 months or 5 years, the hunt for a great book on China continues. The book that manages to teach you something about the country you’ve adopted without being so dry it makes you want to throw it into the Huangpu. The ... Read more »

Review: SELF by Michael Beets

SELF is a tale of late-teen dilemma; ever-growing essay piles, the pressure to look camera ready at every given moment and, most tormenting of all, boys! This theatrical experience took me back to my adolescence, the hours I would fill with the meaningless distractions of life, that somehow made my ... Read more »

Review: Five Course Love

I’m not a big fan of musicals … There, I said it. For me, the genre conjures up images of painted on stage school smiles with jazz hands and ridiculous storylines. After watching The Lion King on the West End, despite being impressed by the expansiveness of the production, I ... Read more »

Ayi Rant

Being a bit of a self confessed ‘champagne socialist’ living in China, I have to deal with moral dilemmas almost everyday – and to be honest, the perceived immoral usually wins. The most common retort is the clichéd ‘this is China’ that a lot of expats seem to use as gospel, ... Read more »