PULPmini's Birthday Bottle Shop Round-Up

Happy birthday to us! To celebrate we decided to go out drinking. However, we thought we’d try to do you guys a service as well, and with summer creeping slippery (cuz of all the sweat) towards us, we decided to do a bottle shop tour. So without further adue ... Read more »


The boys from Shanghai favourite Round Eye are putting on an extra special Star Wars spectacular at Yuyintang. Basically it's geek heaven - if you're a geek that likes music and Star Wars... actually that just sounds like everyone. Six bands will do battle dressed in Star Wars costumes - ... Read more »

SHANG THE HAI (Shanghai Anthem) | The Wonton Don

Donnie's ode to Shanghai. Man, this is entertaining and depressing on equal scales. Having been in Shanghai around the same time as Donnie (until he headed back to the States earlier this year) it's like bidding farewell to a friend, which is something we are all used to here. We ... Read more »

247 Predicts - 2016

1. Disney is going to be spilling into yo' cracks It’s inside Uniqlo, Adidas and Vans. Disney on Ice, Disney themed food and drinks. It’s spilling out everywhere and it’s getting in to all the cracks, like when you drop a pint of double cream. And we ... Read more »

THEATRE: Le Père Nöel est une Ordure (Santa Claus is a Shitter)

Interview with Jerome Mazet, Executive Producer and lead role in the French Play, Le Père Nöel est une Ordure (Santa Claus is a Shitter). An all-French ensemble, performed in French (no subtitles!), for the very first time in China. So, you’re playing the lead role! What can you tell ... Read more »