Incoming: Jozef K

Jozef K plays Arkham this Saturday in what's set to be a brilliant night. They also have Calculon (shoot Records, USA) on the bill. Two international DJ's on the bill for just 60rmb. doesn't happen often! Q: This is your ... Read more »

What's on at the Cinema - January/February

It's cold outside. The air pollution sucks and the internet speed is so slow that trying to watch Netflix is as entertaining as an under 10's cricket match. Luckily for you, there are a whole load of cinemas around the ... Read more »

Top Ten Books about China for the Shanghai Expat

Whether you’ve been in Shanghai for 5 months or 5 years, the hunt for a great book on China continues. The book that manages to teach you something about the country you’ve adopted without being so dry it ... Read more »

We're moving offices (again)!

Just to let you folks know, we are moving to pastures new TOMORROW. Pretty scary, considering we have yet to pack a single thing, but moving is easy right? Not stressful at all? We'll be fine. Come and visit us ... Read more »

This week in the movies

We recently launched 247Cinema – China’s first English language cinema ticketing service, and I feel like it couldn’t have come at a better time. In the last few of years, Tinsel Town has churned out crappy remakes, a gazillion ... Read more »

What's Going On...

A quick flick through the listings for Shanghai this weekend reveals plenty going down, for a change! The highlight for me? A pin-up during my early days as a house head, lynch pin of one of my all time favourite ... Read more »

Don't feed the plants! A review of Little Shop of Horrors

Who can resist the lure of fame and fortune? When you believe that this fame and fortune is inherently linked to the heart of the object of your desire, perhaps a man can be moved in ways unbefitting of him ... Read more »

Brazen: Planting That Flag

In a city such as Shanghai where the number of bars is staggeringly high yet still hotly contested by the number of banks…the number of estate agencies…hairdressers….and toilet stores…. it is easy to get lost in the ... Read more »

Xyan desperately needs your help

Xyan is a little boy from the Philippines who is very sick. He needs open heart surgery and his family are desperately trying to raise the money for this operation. On 30th November there will be a fundraiser held at ... Read more »

Club Hopping - V/O/I/D + MINIMALIST

This weekend sees two of Shanghai's most consistant party crews throw parties on the same night! I think cabs bewteen Xingfu & Yongfu Lu will be doing a brisk trade... Both renowned for their integrity and dedication to the art ... Read more »

Rosemary’s Baby: Horror on Zhapu Lu

On hearing that Urban Aphrodite were adapting Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby for the stage, my first realization was that I had never seen a horror theatrical before. Horror being my favourite genre of film, this struck me as odd ... Read more »

Who knew exercise doesn’t have to be terrible?

So I am not what you’d describe as a lover of exercise. I don’t like the gym, my arms are way to long and gangly to run without looking like a cartoon character, plus it hurts my back ... Read more »

What's Going On Chart!

Another weekend of big gigs and even bigger DJ bookings is upon us! Here's our run down of the best of the best... At three... Roundeye return from their US odessey with a gig at Xingfu Lu dive LoGO. At ... Read more »

Cabaret - The Review is In!

Can one ever choose where the heart leads us? This impulsive adaptation of Cabaret, brought to the stage by East West Theatre, bares its soul and its body to celebrate sexuality, creativity and performance within a performance. A naughty whisper ... Read more »


It is with extreme sadness that TICT Creative has been forced to postpone DAFF Fall 2014 indefinitely due to reasons beyond their control. This news was confirmed today, with the organisers informed that the rights to the West Bund site ... Read more »

Cabaret @ The Pearl

New Year's Eve, Berlin, 1929. Desire, decadence, despair. Cliff, a struggling writer, escapes conservative middle-America in the Kit-Kat Club where gaiety is strictly enforced, where the outrageous and raunchy are celebrated, and where the outside world is ignored. There is ... Read more »

The Psyders - Introducing...

Mizuzu, of Banana Monkey fame, unleashes the debut EP from his latest project The Psyders! "Surf Rock in Shanghai is Cool". That it is, that it is... Introducing the Psyders by The Psyders ... Read more »

What's Going On... Chart!

It's been a little while since the long-running and much loved What's Going On podcast last brought a sense of worth to your week - we feel your pain! So in a vain attempt fill that collosal void, he's a ... Read more »

JZ Festival Primer #1 - Bootsy Collins & The Funk U-nity Band

Another stella line-up for the JZ Festival this year includes a double dose of the legendary Boosty Collins and his 'Funk U-nity Band' playing both Saturday and Sunday. The Legendary funk bass guitarist and composer, member of Parliament and long ... Read more »

Tzusing - ISMS (TNXILS) MV

And here it is! Yep, it's a weird un... Listen to a track from the Shanghai-based producer’s forthcoming A Name Out of Place Pt.1 EP. The appearance of a new name on L.I.E.S. is always ... Read more »