V/O/I/D presents Polar Inertia (Fr)

This Saturday One of the biggest up-and-coming names in techno, Polar Inertia, bring their shocking science-fiction hypnotic sound to VOID at The Shelter. A dark and mysterious outfit hailing from Paris, their music combines dancefloor rocking music with confusing and deeply disturbing spoken word messages as the narrator depicts an ... Read more »

DONNIE DOES | The Shark Knight

After receiving a lifetime ban from attending Shanghai Sharks games, Donnie must take extreme measures to remain a loyal fan. ... Read more »

The Shelter - September Highlights

Things are back in full swing this month, and as the weather cools down, the nights hot up with more big bookings in place this month... 16.30 hs - 18 AGO RS 2013 - Naoki Ienaga - Dub Store Special (Japan) by Radio Rototom Sunsplash on Mixcloud Saturday 6th ... Read more »

Unreleased: Hamacide & Caliph 8

Coming up in Atlanta, Hamacide's production skills garnered much respect from all over the world, leadinging notably to an early collab with Tru Thought's Prefude 73. Moving to Shanghai in 2010 he fitted right in, going on to form SLV with fellow newcomer Downstate. Caliph 8 is wellknown to those ... Read more »

Footprint Sessions Return

This coming Friday Footprint Sessions return with the first in a series of big gigs at their spirtitual home, Arkham. First up it's German based DJ Agent!, whose released on labels such as Cocoon, Desolat, Moon Harbour, Brise and Soul Box. Presale 50 RMB 247 Tickets http://www.247tickets.cn ... Read more »

Sunday Session Special @ YunCai Café

S chino, once in a lifetime you might get away with it (love) by Thesameasiteverwas on Mixcloud Back in the Spring, every Sunday a handful of vinyl collectors would gather at Magnet in the afternoon to play some of there most treasured discs that they’ve picked up over the ... Read more »

Black Taxi in China

This foreigner tries working as an illegal scooter taxi in Shanghai, China. ... Read more »

The Psyders - 7'' EP

Currently on tour in Japan with fellow Shanghai surf/garage/mod/rock & roll band, Banana Monkey, he's the latest from The Psyders... Miss Fur by Banana Monkey ... Read more »

Blaise Deville - Outlook Festival Warm-Up Mix

The SVBKLT family have been representing China at the Outlook Festival for a couple of years now, also throwing preparties with participating artists at their HQ, The Shelter, in the run up to the event itself. Here old hand Blaise Deville drops an excellent mix peppered with the wares of ... Read more »

Downstate - Kongkretebass Podcast

Something for the weekend... SBVKLT artist Downstate - one half of SLV along with Shanghai exile Hamacide - has recorded this fine mix for Honkers bass music collective, Kongcretebass. Downstate says: ‘This mix is basically the sort of set I’ve been playing at The Shelter this last year or ... Read more »

Running Red lights - For English Fuck You - Album Review

What are the essential characteristics of punk rock and does the Shanghai duo Running Red Lights have them? Let’s see… 1/ Stripped down instrumentation…..well here we have...One heavily distorted Guitar, drums and Vocals, Check! 2/ Short song lengths….well 10 of the 12 songs fall between 50 ... Read more »

V/O/I/D - 7 Years Headstrong

Time flies when you're having fun! The history of the VOID kru goes way back, when hipsters were yet to be invented and Yongkang Lu was still merely a glint in in a savvy Frenchman's eye. They've brought legends from Detroit, the most cutting edge producers and DJs from Berlin ... Read more »


Remember when we used to film people playing music for your entertainment? Well, we found some long lost songs that were never published. So here you go - Courtyard Sessions B-Sides. First up: Soundscape. One hitch - the rest of the B-Sides are on a hard drive that is currently ... Read more »

The Shelter - August Highlights

Here's all the info and a few tasters from the choice picks on show this month at Shanghai's baddest basement... Friday 1st August – [sic] Transit Line Up: Alan Shanyinde, Tom Hughes, Will. A Entrance: 30rmb [sic] Transit is a new project dedicated to the 'low-slung', chuggy, and downright weird side ... Read more »

Running Red Lights - 订餐服务请安

How rude! Check out some fresh local thrash-punk-metal from Shanghai duo, Running Red Lights... With that album artwork and song titles such as, 'Shut The Fuck Up, Step Back In Line', 'All Good Things Must Come To A Violent End' and ' I Fucking Hate Your Guts', it might get ... Read more »

SBKT002 - S L V - Moss Temple EP preview

More new music from SVBKVLT; SLV's (Hamacide + Downstate) 'Moss Temple EP', set for release on 4th August. 'Glassed' kicks things of with some tribal drums for the new millennium, while 'Takeover' temporarily slows the pace to introduce some tasty footwork to proceedings. 'Chishik' is more familiar SLV territory, dark and ... Read more »


TROPICOVE | Island Hideout Experience Tropical (adjective) - relating to or situated in or characteristic of the tropics or islands. Cove (noun) - A small sheltered bay in the shoreline of a sea, river, or lake. TROPICOVE (experience) So to sum up -- a 3-day all-inclusive island getaway! We’re taking ... Read more »

Monkey Kings - Elevator Farts Prank

What happens when you eat to much KFC in China? You sh-t yourself in public of course! ... Read more »


The MINIMALIST night has been a main-stay at Dada for the past couple of years, drawing in a faithful following of house & techno heads who always appear to leave with a smile on their face. Going the extra mile in booking international guest DJs for such an intimate venue ... Read more »

Blak Twang & Conrank - Go Getter MV

The London MC teams up with the Shanghai-based producer for a rugged new track. Blak Twang and Conrank just released ‘Go Getter’, a take-no-prisoners grime track about life on the grind. The video's a slo-mo journey that sees the pair take the track from the studio to the club. Watch ... Read more »