Brazen: Planting That Flag

In a city such as Shanghai where the number of bars is staggeringly high yet still hotly contested by the number of banks…the number of estate agencies…hairdressers….and toilet stores…. it is easy to get lost in the sea of alcohol being peddled by ‘nouveau’ bars the sort ... Read more »

Xyan desperately needs your help

Xyan is a little boy from the Philippines who is very sick. He needs open heart surgery and his family are desperately trying to raise the money for this operation. On 30th November there will be a fundraiser held at Thumb Plaza in Pudong, with live music, lunch and free ... Read more »

Club Hopping - V/O/I/D + MINIMALIST

This weekend sees two of Shanghai's most consistant party crews throw parties on the same night! I think cabs bewteen Xingfu & Yongfu Lu will be doing a brisk trade... Both renowned for their integrity and dedication to the art of getting down, you're guaranteed a good night at either ... Read more »

Rosemary’s Baby: Horror on Zhapu Lu

On hearing that Urban Aphrodite were adapting Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby for the stage, my first realization was that I had never seen a horror theatrical before. Horror being my favourite genre of film, this struck me as odd, but with cinema’s heavy reliance on special effects and ... Read more »

Who knew exercise doesn’t have to be terrible?

So I am not what you’d describe as a lover of exercise. I don’t like the gym, my arms are way to long and gangly to run without looking like a cartoon character, plus it hurts my back and my knees, and the idea of ‘benching’ anything heavier ... Read more »

What's Going On Chart!

Another weekend of big gigs and even bigger DJ bookings is upon us! Here's our run down of the best of the best... At three... Roundeye return from their US odessey with a gig at Xingfu Lu dive LoGO. At two... Dicky Trisco and Pete Herbert team up as part ... Read more »

Cabaret - The Review is In!

Can one ever choose where the heart leads us? This impulsive adaptation of Cabaret, brought to the stage by East West Theatre, bares its soul and its body to celebrate sexuality, creativity and performance within a performance. A naughty whisper about the ears, scarlet lips left on the cheek, a ... Read more »


It is with extreme sadness that TICT Creative has been forced to postpone DAFF Fall 2014 indefinitely due to reasons beyond their control. This news was confirmed today, with the organisers informed that the rights to the West Bund site for DAFF 2014 were revoked and the venue would no ... Read more »

Cabaret @ The Pearl

New Year's Eve, Berlin, 1929. Desire, decadence, despair. Cliff, a struggling writer, escapes conservative middle-America in the Kit-Kat Club where gaiety is strictly enforced, where the outrageous and raunchy are celebrated, and where the outside world is ignored. There is inspiration to be found in the lives of his new ... Read more »

The Psyders - Introducing...

Mizuzu, of Banana Monkey fame, unleashes the debut EP from his latest project The Psyders! "Surf Rock in Shanghai is Cool". That it is, that it is... Introducing the Psyders by The Psyders ... Read more »

What's Going On... Chart!

It's been a little while since the long-running and much loved What's Going On podcast last brought a sense of worth to your week - we feel your pain! So in a vain attempt fill that collosal void, he's a weekly WGO chart of the top music happening in Shanghai ... Read more »

JZ Festival Primer #1 - Bootsy Collins & The Funk U-nity Band

Another stella line-up for the JZ Festival this year includes a double dose of the legendary Boosty Collins and his 'Funk U-nity Band' playing both Saturday and Sunday. The Legendary funk bass guitarist and composer, member of Parliament and long time collaborator with George Clinton has had a colorful life ... Read more »

Tzusing - ISMS (TNXILS) MV

And here it is! Yep, it's a weird un... Listen to a track from the Shanghai-based producer’s forthcoming A Name Out of Place Pt.1 EP. The appearance of a new name on L.I.E.S. is always something to peak our interest, mainly because Ron Morelli’s ... Read more »

Tzu Sing L.I.E.S Podcast

Having recetly hosted the L.I.E.S crew at his Stockholm Syndrome night, Tzu Sing has obviously made a good impression as his first release on the label is imminent. In preparation he's put together this fine mix: "Our man Tzusing comes from the depths of the East and ... Read more »

Jigsaw - Work it out!

Fresh from his debut at the Burning Man Festival, UK DJ Jigsaw returns to play Minimalist at DADA this weekend. We caught up for a few minutes just as he was out the door... This is your 3rd time playing in China right? How do u like it, how do ... Read more »

V/O/I/D presents Polar Inertia (Fr)

This Saturday One of the biggest up-and-coming names in techno, Polar Inertia, bring their shocking science-fiction hypnotic sound to VOID at The Shelter. A dark and mysterious outfit hailing from Paris, their music combines dancefloor rocking music with confusing and deeply disturbing spoken word messages as the narrator depicts an ... Read more »

DONNIE DOES | The Shark Knight

After receiving a lifetime ban from attending Shanghai Sharks games, Donnie must take extreme measures to remain a loyal fan. ... Read more »

The Shelter - September Highlights

Things are back in full swing this month, and as the weather cools down, the nights hot up with more big bookings in place this month... 16.30 hs - 18 AGO RS 2013 - Naoki Ienaga - Dub Store Special (Japan) by Radio Rototom Sunsplash on Mixcloud Saturday 6th ... Read more »

Unreleased: Hamacide & Caliph 8

Coming up in Atlanta, Hamacide's production skills garnered much respect from all over the world, leadinging notably to an early collab with Tru Thought's Prefude 73. Moving to Shanghai in 2010 he fitted right in, going on to form SLV with fellow newcomer Downstate. Caliph 8 is wellknown to those ... Read more »

Footprint Sessions Return

This coming Friday Footprint Sessions return with the first in a series of big gigs at their spirtitual home, Arkham. First up it's German based DJ Agent!, whose released on labels such as Cocoon, Desolat, Moon Harbour, Brise and Soul Box. Presale 50 RMB 247 Tickets ... Read more »