SBKT002 - S L V - Moss Temple EP preview

More new music from SVBKVLT; SLV's (Hamacide + Downstate) 'Moss Temple EP', set for release on 4th August. 'Glassed' kicks things of with some tribal drums for the new millennium, while 'Takeover' temporarily slows the pace to introduce some tasty footwork to proceedings. 'Chishik' is more familiar SLV territory, dark and ... Read more »


TROPICOVE | Island Hideout Experience Tropical (adjective) - relating to or situated in or characteristic of the tropics or islands. Cove (noun) - A small sheltered bay in the shoreline of a sea, river, or lake. TROPICOVE (experience) So to sum up -- a 3-day all-inclusive island getaway! We’re taking ... Read more »

Monkey Kings - Elevator Farts Prank

What happens when you eat to much KFC in China? You sh-t yourself in public of course! ... Read more »


The MINIMALIST night has been a main-stay at Dada for the past couple of years, drawing in a faithful following of house & techno heads who always appear to leave with a smile on their face. Going the extra mile in booking international guest DJs for such an intimate venue ... Read more »

Blak Twang & Conrank - Go Getter MV

The London MC teams up with the Shanghai-based producer for a rugged new track. Blak Twang and Conrank just released ‘Go Getter’, a take-no-prisoners grime track about life on the grind. The video's a slo-mo journey that sees the pair take the track from the studio to the club. Watch ... Read more »

Henry Krinkle - Stay (Justin Martin remix)

Estonian born Henry Krinkle was teaching in Shanghai when he began teaching himself to make music. Well travelled and experienced in sounds of the world, recognition has fast been rising for the now LA based producer. Nearly two years ago we were treated to a sonic delight in the form ... Read more »


Yo Hos, Yellow goes, DJ Ben Huang's legendary long-running party series continues after a full support to FOOTPRINT with a very special night, that means one of Shanghai's original underground dance party is coming back to the home of electronic music lovers – Shelter. This special night will be held up ... Read more »

Wooozy Community Film #6: The Story of Common People

Extra: Pitchfork TV presents Mac DeMarco’s short documentary film Pepperoni Playboy The Story of Common People (56 minutes) After the dust settled on the 90s Britpop phenomenon, one song stood head and shoulders above all others penned at the time... That song was “Common People” written by Sheffield anti-popstar ... Read more »


Wooozy Offline is winding down for the summer, but before we do, we are proud to bring the noise to our Shanghai friends one more time with a free residents party on Friday July 18 at the infamous 390 Bar. A full-to-the-brim lineup of Offline regulars Deep19, Jackie, and Wooozy ... Read more »

Give It Up! DJ Spinna: the Wonder-full mix

Once more we Give It Up for a legendinho passing through Shanghai this weekend, NYC's finest, DJ Spinna. Knowledge courtesy of Loke! As an avid record collector during the mid-90s independent hiphop explosion, I came across a few production credits from DJ Spinna. One of the first was as the ... Read more »

Indigolab & Didjelirium – Black Moon

From the combined forces of Indigolab and Uprooted Sound System's very own Didjelirium, a tale of anticipation for the modern humans and their modern world… Complete with lyrics! VERSE 1 : The world is a dark place and it’s filled with a black terror Our reflection’s like a shadow ... Read more »

Round Eye - Suntan (Official MV)

Top new MV from Round Eye! 'Suntan' lampoons China's fair skin love affair with an irreverent look at what happens when a girl comes home to her Shanghainese mother with tanned skin. Good opportunity to study some Chinese slang... ... Read more »

The Machinery of Other Skeletons - Beyond The Circular EP

The Machinery of Other Skeletons lay down some hardcore in a true hardcore style, but these guys are also players with skills to write home about. Formed by Brian Murdock with Death to Giant's drummer Ivan Belcic, Spill Your Guts guitarist and Inferno bar owner Martin Aamodt, bassist Hans von ... Read more »

Fuerza Bruta - one to watch!

If you haven’t seen the interactive spectacle Fuerza Bruta in action yet, it can be hard to describe. It’s sort of like dreaming while you’re awake. Last year in Beijing, Fuerza Bruta gained high praise, and here comes your second chance to enjoy this dream. Fuerza Bruta ... Read more »

Loke - Chi-le-le-le Astrodome mix

DJ Loke slips on his House shoes once more in preparation for another edition of Astrodome, the bi-monthly house-cosmic-disco throwdown at Dada. You can check Loke and his fellow ressies this Saturday from 10pm til late, late, late... Loke - 'Chi-le-le-le' Astrodome Promo Mix by Tznm on Mixcloud ... Read more »

Round Eye - It's Album Time!

Describing themselves as "The sexiest, hairiest and loudest band in China", Round Eye, who's music can be sumed-up as the freakish malformed spawn of doo-wop, punk and free-jazz, move forward with their mission to help their audience ascend into a nirvana of noise, weirdness and sax-powered mayhem with a brand ... Read more »

Kissing Prank in China

At a popular tourist spot in Shanghai, we ask passers by to "help take a photo of us kissing." How could that not be clear? Pranks Made In China. Like us on Facebook ... Read more »

Conrank x Blak Twang

Uh-oh, bass in da place bruv... Here's a new track from Conrank with Blak Twang created during the JUE Festival earlier this year. 'Go Getter' will be dropping on Slit Jockey Records later this month. In fact, it's out now digitally on Juno then will be hitting all other stores ... Read more »


Some more freaky stuff direct from the subterranean HQ of Shanghai's SVBKVLT label... First up, '4Rose' by SLV, taken from their 'Moss Temple EP', forthcoming on SVBKVLT (July 2014); artwork by Caliph8: And then we have this little sampler of sounds from DWNS†▲†Ξ; 'Everythings Over' megamix: Catch Downstate and ... Read more »


This month, the DIY mini-festival that bled your ears dry and left you begging for more last November is back, and it's going to be rocking Harley's (your new favorite dive) once per month. Yup, Rat On Swamp Dog is back! After fixing up Harley's and hosting some of the ... Read more »